Having just faced some of the most significant and unprecedented challenges brought about by COVID-19, in-house recruitment teams and HR professionals now need to look to the future to plan for recruitment success.

Failing to prepare for a slightly different recruitment environment will undoubtedly have an impact on your ability to attract top talent in 2020.

This highly informative webinar includes detailed insights and top tips from one of the industry’s most experienced recruitment professionals to help you maximise your recruitment success as lock down measures continue to ease.

Join Hayley Robinson, Commercial Manager at networx with as she shares her 5 top tips that will help you maximise your future recruitment success.

Expect solutions to key challenges and tips, such as:

TIP 1. Tap into the true potential of LinkedIn Understand how to make your network work for you and how your profile could be stopping you from attracting top talent.

TIP 2. Assess the impact of your adverts and job descriptions How do you ensure your advert stands out and gets in front of the right people at the right time?

TIP 3. Understand where to concentrate your efforts and your money! Where do the best candidates come from? Find out how the simplest of reports can help reduce your cost per hire dramatically

TIP 4. Complete your own application process Put yourself in the candidates shoes and understand why the smallest of frustrations can have a significant impact on your response rates.

TIP 5. Review what technologies you need to succeed What other sourcing options could you use? How do you gain that competitive advantage? What time savings can be gained from automation?

Check out the session recording for more detail into how your can plan ahead for recruitment success.

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