Become an employer of choice

Recruiting the best staff will have a fundamental impact on the overall success of your school or college but the ability to attract and retain top talent can prove difficult without the right technology and resources to support you.

At a time when education providers across the UK are facing additional challenges such as budget cuts and even greater skills shortages, the need for cost effective and efficient recruitment has never been more critical.

Promote your Employer Brand

Building a strong reputation as a leading employer and promoting the establishment as a great place to work.

Improve Speed and Efficiency

Helping identify top talent quicker and improving time to hire to gain a competitive edge over other potential employers.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Reaching a wider talent pool, removing unconscious bias and increase the diversity of your workforce.

Data Compliance & Due Diligence

Ensuring that data you collate as part of your recruitment process is stored and processed in line with legislation.

Case studies