As the war for talent fiercely continues and job seeker expectations evolve, it has never been more prevalent to reflect on your candidate attraction strategy. Organisations are having to react and evolve in order to tackle talent acquisition in this turbulent market.

This last year has been incredibly testing for in-house recruiters, from battling volumes of applicants during the pandemic, to stretching internal teams with sourcing, as over 68% of those surveyed have highlighted a recent drop in applications since the pandemic eased.

No matter your industry or the size of your organisation, these last few months have created a difficult market for recruiters. Whether you are looking for a unique skill set, tackling a highly competitive market or are simply in a location where skills are scarce, finding the right candidate for your business has become a time consuming and costly exercise.

From reviewing your wider recruitment marketing initiatives and employer brand, through to refining your job adverts and reflecting on your end-to-end candidate experience, there are a wealth of tools and techniques to help you tackle talent attraction and not only engage, but onboard and retain the best talent for your business.

View the webinar at IHR London Live as Marco Ingrasci, Senior Client Relations Manager at networx explores how you can tackle talent acquisition and the challenges of candidate attraction in a post-pandemic market.

Top tip highlights include:

  • Reflecting on the current climate in order to adapt
  • Tailoring your ads and reflect on your benefits to align with your target audience
  • Broadening your attraction activities to include social media, review sites etc.
  • Creating internal ambassadors who authentically promote what you do and your brand to a wider potential candidate base
  • Looking at your entire recruitment process as part of your attraction strategy, as delays in interviews or poor applications is enough to put people off
  • Creating a feedback loop with successful and unsuccessful candidates so you can learn

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