On Wednesday 7th April we joined In-house recruiters and HR professionals nationwide to share key insights into recruitment marketing efforts and best practice for hiring success.

All organisations, consciously or not, have an employer brand and deploy recruitment marketing strategies. It is not just about what your talent perceive today, but their experience across every individual touchpoint.

In this webinar, we were joined by Debbie Bissell, Head of HR and Operations from ClickThrough Marketing talking about the role of your employer brand in the multi-touch point candidate journey, how to improve audience understanding and content relevance, and the importance of language and visual imagery in bringing your brand to life.

Whether an internal employee or external candidate, the war to retain and obtain the very best talent is fierce. Studies highlight that over 75% of candidates research a firm’s reputation and employer brand before applying. With growing candidate expectations and the transparency of digital media, organisations need to be on top of their recruitment marketing game to be perceived as the employer brand of choice.

While you’re scouting for the best possible talent, prospective employees are scouting for the best possible employer.

Check out the webinar on demand to ensure you are living and breathing your employee value proposition and delivering on your recruitment marketing efforts.

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