During this unusual time, we appreciate you may be facing recruitment challenges, as you navigate the uncertainty of the global health crisis.

Like many businesses, you may be left with the capacity to plan a new future for your recruitment, review your technology and identify new opportunities for your organisation. We want to ensure that you have the support you need to plan for future success.

What can you be doing now, to support long-term success?

We have put a list of things you can be doing now to prepare for future recruitment, to maximise the exceptional talent that is currently online or due to be job searching in the next couple of weeks as businesses return to a new normal.

Be proactive

Recruitment is currently rather slow unless you are operating in an industry with key workers such as supermarkets, health workers and online distribution chains, where recruitment has increased. A rush of recruitment is expected once the restrictions are lifted in those industries where recruitment has either slowed down or stopped altogether. Are you prepared to cope with the recruitment rush post Covid19? Reviewing your recruitment strategy early could ensure you don’t react late and hit the recruitment rush, easing pressure to find the right candidates. No matter what approach you choose to take, it is important to have the support and infrastructure in place to move quickly and communicate clearly with your talent pool. 

Assess availability of job roles

With the increase in redundancies and the possibility of people leaving after furlough you may be left with gaps in your company, which will need filling post Covid19. As the demand for your company increases, you will need to assess what job roles you will need to recruit for. Reviewing these job positions now whilst you have capacity will allow you to get ahead of the recruitment rush. What positions may become available post Covid19? 

Review job adverts

Recruitment for the majority of businesses is currently at a slower pace, giving the capacity to review job adverts. With a nationwide increase in redundancies, the competition for job roles will be fierce once the restrictions are lifted, so you want your job adverts to stand out. Are your job adverts positioned to reach as many job seekers as possible? Have you checked they are mobile optimised? Whilst recruitment is slow, check your job descriptions and adverts are suitably displayed across multi-devices to suit all candidate preferences or seek support from an agency or expert during this period. In the current climate, if you are recruiting, try thinking about what your candidates will be searching. For example more candidates will be looking for “remote working” opportunities or greater flexibility.

Build your talent pool

The competition for the top talent post Covid19 is expected to be fierce, so start building your talent pool now to ensure you reach the top talent. Whilst, others will start talent pipelining after the crisis, you will have warm candidates, which you can pull on to fill your vacancies. Nurturing and building a pool of talent for recruitment on the other side is likely to be more successful.

Ensure you have the right support

Do you have a strategy in place to support your recruitment as the market changes? As the demand for talent increases, will you be able to quickly mobilise and access great nationwide talent? Using agency style services can enable you to move quickly in order to get the talent fast, when you have highlighted gaps or a rapid need to recruit.

How do we progress forward in these challenging times? Use this time to review your job roles, build your talent pool for future roles and start planning early.

For more information about how networx can support you in preparing for future recruitment success, contact us today.

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