In a recent poll conducted on LinkedIn, 65% of organisations reported that they were currently experiencing a decline in the number of job applications they were receiving during June and July. 

Comparative surveys suggest that overall employers are receiving on average 13.8% fewer applications per role. 

The significant dip in applications is obviously more poignant amongst specific industries.  Unsurprisingly the Hospitality sector has been hit the hardest with a drop of 39.5%, followed by Customer Services who saw a 27.9% fall in applications in June and Distribution reporting more than a 25% reduction in the number of applications they have received during the same period. 

Whilst the influx of job vacancies being advertised is largely being blamed for the shift, there are also a number of other contributing factors that employers are currently facing that can be attributed to the decline in job applications.

Jobseeker Confidence 

Having just experienced such uncertain times many people are simply not confident enough to look for a new role and are preferring to stay in their current roles. Moving jobs has always been perceived as a risk but in the current climate it’s easy to understand why people are reluctant to take the plunge with a new company just now, especially if they fall within one of the sectors that have been hit the hardest. 

The Effect of Furlough 

Don’t forget that many people will still be on Furlough and will be up until 30th September 2021. Although technically you can get another job while on furlough, being on furlough means you are still employed by your employer, and therefore you could be in breach of contract if you do accept an additional new role.

If an employee expects to return back to work full time once the furlough scheme ends then they again may not be so keen to look for a new role. But does that mean we should we expect a flurry of jobseekers once the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ends? 

Brexit and Close Borders 

For the hospitality sector in particular, Brexit and the closing of borders during the Pandemic has had a huge impact on available talent. As an industry that relied on EU migrants to make up 75% of the hospitality workforce, it has been reported that almost 300,000 hospitality workers have left their jobs and returned to the their home countries since March 2020, therefore presenting a huge void. However, it’s not just the Hospitality sector that has suffered and the repercussions are being felt across many industries. 

The reduction in available talent obviously having an instrumental effect in the decline in job applications received for roles. 

Whilst it’s encouraging to see the surge of recruitment taking place, HR and recruitment teams need to have a strong strategy in place in order to address these new challenges. The jobs market is currently flooded with vacancies and candidates have more choice than ever. Making your organisation stand out from the crowd is key but its also equally important to ensure that you portray where possible a stable and secure opportunity. 

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