The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) is the leading professional trade union for all school and college leaders. ASCL are proud to support more than 20,000 school and college leaders of primary, secondary, and post-16 education nationwide.

With tremendous growth across the trade union, ASCL have been rapidly expanding their national profile and presence, with an internal Workplace Manager at the helm of recruitment activity. With recruitment spanning across the UK, with specific roles and criteria, ASCL implemented the networx ATS system with recruitment campaign support, to facilitate in-house capacity in quickly scaling and managing volume applications.


As an extension of their internal team, networx designed a solution incorporating both managed recruitment campaigns, backed by the networx ATS. With a dedicated account management team, networx work in partnership with ASCL on their roles, from advert creation through to sifting and interview scheduling.

The networx ATS offers a wealth of functionality to manage reporting and quickly assess live vacancies, applications in the pipeline and sifting tasks. With streamlined workflows and integrations with a diverse range of job boards, networx has improved end-to-end recruitment efficiency; saving time, cost and improving overall vacancy visibility, supporting ASCL to recruit top talent.

Furthermore, the transparency available through networx notifications and reporting, enables ASCL to share vital information cross functionally with ease, with their nationwide hiring managers. During times where limitations have been in place, such as the 2020 global pandemic, ASCL were able to mobilise and continue recruitment campaigns, with the support of savvy integrations, such as Microsoft Teams.

Client comment

ASCL works very much in partnership with networx as they truly understand who we are, what we do and the challenges we navigate with recruitment in our sector. The support and guidance the networx team offer has greatly contributed to process efficiencies, especially with their clever sifting of applications, and the organisation and planning side for upcoming campaigns.

We have a strong relationship, and it is the personal impact that sets networx apart. I know that the team is there to support us every step of the way, which is immensely important and reassuring during busier periods and when we receive an influx of applications. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the team works incredibly hard, enabling us to secure great talent.

Angela Stewart, Workplace and Facilities Manager

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