During such an unprecedented time, you and your recruitment team will be facing many challenges, with recruitment potentially having decreased across the business or stopped altogether.

With indefinite uncertainty, many are utilising this time to get ahead, reviewing their recruitment strategy and maximising the change of pace to work on positioning, building a talent pool and refining the onboarding process.

What could you be doing now, to support long-term success in the wake of Covid?

Start thinking about the small actions you can take now, to benefit your future post Covid recruitment position.

We have put together a list of 5 things recruiters can be doing now to prepare for future recruitment success.

Grow your LinkedIn network

Have you been considering updating your LinkedIn profile, but never have enough time? Make sure your profile is fully up to date, professional and relevant as top candidates may check out your profile during their application process. Why not also use this time to contact past clients and ask them to write a recommendation to go on your LinkedIn profile or connect with relevant contacts for positions that your business typically recruits for.

Utilising this time to grow your network will not only support your personal and professional development, but will support business growth when the post Covid recruitment market picks up.

Analyse your job descriptions and adverts

The job description is your chance to connect with a potential candidate, so captivating your audience is essential to attracting top talent and delivering the best candidate experience. With a nationwide increase in redundancies and a number of employees now online reviewing their career progression and job options, the market will be busy once restrictions are lifted. This in turn will mean the demand for quality candidates will increase, making the competition fierce. 

It is vital that you utilise this time to ensure your job adverts are engaging, succinct and suitable for your audience.

Are your job adverts positioned to reach as many job seekers as possible? 

Have you checked they are mobile optimised?

Whilst recruitment is slow, check your job descriptions and adverts are suitably displayed across multi-devices to suit all candidates preferences.

PRO TIP: Make sure you only include requirements relevant to the job role and don’t provide too much information on the company, as candidates will find this out for themselves.

From visual design and creative copywriting, to optimised digital display, it is imperative that your adverts are fit-for-purpose.

Check the source of your applications

Take the time to see where your applications and offers are coming from; which methods are actually delivering quality candidates? Review your methods of job seeker attraction and ensure you can reach both passive and active candidates. You may find the sources you expect to generate results for your business actually do not deliver.

Example: You may find that hundreds of your applications may come from Indeed, but all your offers may come from Reed. This shows that all the quality talent is coming from Reed, rather than Indeed and you need to adjust your recruitment process accordingly.

It is important that you choose your source of applications appropriately to reach the top talent, from job boards and job alerts to social media.

Refine your application processes

Check how easy your job applications are by filling out an application form yourself. Think about the type of questions you have been asking; are they relevant to the job role and consider if you are asking for too much information. Shorter application forms are likely to be fully filled out by candidates.

Also, have you tried applying for a role on a mobile device? Over 60% of applicants will use a mobile device, so you need to optimise all roles to be mobile friendly.

Fully optimised, intuitive and succinct job application processes are likely to drive the greatest completion rate.

Review your recruitment system

The technology you utilise to support your recruitment process is a vital part of the puzzle for continued success. Rethinking the tools and software in your process can often be a task for the ‘future’ pile, but it is important when reviewing your plans to have the right support in place.

Have you been considering a new or updated recruitment system? If you don’t have one or are unhappy with your current system, now might be a good time to think about starting the process to implement a new one. There are multiple reasons a company can benefit from a robust and intuitive recruitment system, from executing a more efficient workflow to reaching the top talent. Check out our few other benefits below;

Reach Top Talent

Applicant tracking systems offer an opportunity to reach high quality candidates to fill vacancies in a time and cost efficient manner.

The comprehensive and fully managed candidate attraction and management service at networx, draws upon the expertise of skilled recruiters to help organisations reach top talent.

Refine the candidate experience 

The key to success in your recruitment process is providing an enhanced candidate experience, which using an ATS can enable. Providing a positive experience to candidates, from application through to onboarding, can turn them into brand ambassadors.

Automate communication

Using an ATS can speed up your recruitment process and save yourself time for more important tasks. Do you manually publish job advertisements one at a time onto job boards and send follow up emails individually? Automatic communication features can move candidates onto the next stage in the recruitment process quicker.

How do you progress forward with Covid recruitment in this unprecedented time? Use this time to review your recruitment strategy and build a talent pool to support your long-term success.

For more information on software and services to support your Covid recruitment initiatives, contact us today.

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