Could Social Media Recruiting help you reach more talent?

Recruitment is tough for many organisations right now and as a result in-house recruiters are having to explore previously untapped talent pools. Social media recruiting is no longer an extra boost for campaigns but an integral part of the overall recruitment strategy.

With so many live opportunities for job seekers to choose from, competition for top talent is fierce. Brexit and skills shortages are simply exacerbating an already difficult and candidate led market.

However, active job seekers only account for between 5- 15 % of the available workforce, leaving a wealth of potential talent that in-house recruitment teams need to tap into. Social Media recruiting is the answer!

In this webinar, we showcased the power of social media recruiting and how this can be utilised to generate quality applications across a variety of roles and industries.

Watch the webinar now to find out what tips and advice, Commercial Manager Hayley Robinson had to share as she showcased real life examples of roles that have recently benefited from increased exposure across social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Top tip highlights include:

  • Why Social Media is so important
  • The different audiences available via each platform
  • The common errors recruiters make when using social media to recruit
  • The importance of getting your application process right
  • Why Social Media will remain a key element of the recruitment strategy.

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