In a digital-first era, with over 2.5 quintillion bytes of content data being produced and consumed every day, competition for share of voice is fierce. Content consumption is at an all time high and in order to stand out from the crowd, your audience is looking for relevance and resonance. 

Over the last few years video has become one of the best tools to charge online engagement, with predictions that video will drive 80% of content consumption by 2023. Arguments suggest this is due to video being visually stimulating and also incredibly flexible, enabling you to distil complex information in animation form or share your brand personality through in-office filming.

In 2021 video consumption is set to be at 100 minutes a day per person, which is a 20% rise in 2019, continuing on an upward trajectory. As the market becomes even more saturated with content, it is important that companies seek the best media for engagement and interaction with their audience, to drive the best response.

In recruitment, this is no different.

From driving candidate attraction with animated job adverts, to showcasing the personality of your employer brand through the candidate journey, video offers a cost effective avenue to take your hiring process to the next level.

Drive candidate attraction 

Nobody enjoys reading reams of block text online. Introducing videos is a great way to break up your careers pages and turn static content into a great story, sharing your opportunity and brand with your target audience. Job postings with video are viewed 12% more than postings without and receive on average a 34% greater application rate. Animations and talking head videos are more digestible and easier to absorb in a shorter space of time, therefore you are much more likely to generate engagement.

Video further provides greater visibility for your opportunities, as video aids your search engine optimisation ranking and will drive an increase in organic traffic. Research further suggests that people spend more than twice the amount of time on a page with video content, compared to one without, and posts across social channels are 20 times more likely to be shared if they include a video.

It’s clear video offers a great opportunity to drive candidate attraction.

Showcase your company culture

Video can also be used to differentiate yourselves from your competitors and showcase your employer brand values. 

Short snippets of ‘a day in the life’ or ‘meet your new team’ demonstrate how important finding the right cultural fit is for your company and may even reduce the number of applicants who are not right for your business. You can use video to share more about the office environment, stories from the team and to provide insight into the organisation in a way that is authentic and genuine. This visually demonstrates why talented candidates should want to work with your company and helps you to break down the corporate barrier, with a friendly and personable piece.

Video allows you to show your employee value proposition, rather than just list it on your careers site. This adds a more human element to your recruitment campaigns and will help you cut through the usual recruitment spiel and stand out from the crowd to secure the very best talent.

Deliver a fully-virtual, immersive recruitment experience

Videos are not just for attraction, they can deliver timely or personalised messages throughout the recruitment process.

As businesses seek to strengthen digital operations, utilising video as part of your hiring process can greatly aid cost and efficiency, removing the geographical barriers for connecting with candidates nationwide. With video screening you can record questions in advance and receive submissions passively and with video interviews you can flexibility involve hiring managers in the recruitment process, from anywhere in the world. 

To get started, check out our top tips on the power of video interviews.

In conclusion, utilising video humanizes an often digital recruitment process and enables businesses, like yours, to add the personality and flair of the employer brand back into the mix.

Whether you are looking to reach more candidates, differentiate your brand values or effectively communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process, there is value in video in recruitment.

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