Leverage the power of an applicant tracking system

Implementing the right ATS will help you maximise your recruitment efficiencies and achieve your recruitment objectives. Combining real time dashboards with the latest technologies and a suite of editable reports, our software is designed to ensure you get the most out of your recruitment efforts and drive efficiency and quality at every stage.

Key performance indicators and reporting tools to maximise return on investment

Cost per hire

Time to hire

Application to offer

Interview to offer

Application source

Offer source

Offer acceptance

ED&I reports

Agency/ PSL performance


of CEO’s said their companies had lost money due to inefficient recruiting

27.5 days

is the average length of the job interview process in the UK


of a worker’s annual salary is the average cost to hire a replacement

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Change can be a positive step for your organisation, but it needs to be backed by substantial evidence of return on investment.

In this guide, you will learn how to build a business case showing the return on investment from utilising an Applicant Tracking System, whilst exploring the benefits including; reducing cost per hire, increasing quality of hire and decreasing time to hire.

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