12th April marked the welcome and long-awaited return of the retail and hospitality sectors, with restaurants and shops opening their doors nationwide to the warmth and excitement of the public. Although an eagerly anticipated date for celebration, the last 12 months has been a tumultuous one for those operating a retail or hospitality business. 

With reported sales down over 20%, businesses struggling to move to online trading, over 190,000 jobs estimated to have been lost and 46% of the leisure industry being placed on furlough, April not only marks a step forward for normality for the public, but the life-changing possibility of more job opportunities for masses across the UK.

As we forge forward as a nation and seek to ‘bounce back’, securing the road to recovery will require speedy mobilisation, mass recruitment and process efficiencies. Organisations are already reporting recruitment investment, with thousands of new jobs being added to job boards each week, as the highstreet prepares for reopening.

At networx, we are proud to be supporting a number of leading retail and hospitality brands from the Stonegate Group, to Argos and Hobbycraft. Despite seasonal hiring being the norm for these sectors, nothing could prepare us for the last 12 months and there is no benchmark for the post-pandemic world. Organisations embarking on this journey need to rely on the software, processes and support systems surrounding them to propel forward their recovery.

Jessica Dodds, Head of Marketing, comments, “We are pleased to be supporting retail, leisure and hospitality clients nationwide to shift gears in their recruitment activity this April. From optimising adverts to stand out from the crowd, to refining savvy automated sifting for managing volume and designing an intuitive candidate onboarding experience, we are on hand to help HR and talent acquisition professionals to navigate the challenges of reopening in the ‘new normal’. Personally and professionally, this marks a huge milestone and one we are all eager to support.”

The next few weeks will definitely be a challenge for those in the retail and hospitality sector, but with such great anticipation and support, we hope to see propelled growth for all in the sector, financially, but also in terms of securing the very best candidates from a competitive talent pool. 

For more information and support on how networx can improve your time-to-hire, increase efficiencies and streamline your recruitment workflows for the return of retail and hospitality recruitment, get in touch.

If you are on the lookout for a new role, please make sure to check out the increasing number of vacancies on www.networxrecruitment.com, with clients such as Stonegate Group, Argos, Wilko and Poundstretcher with hundreds of roles now live.

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