With mobile video consumption rising by 100% every year and trends predicting a likely increase on the 78% of people consuming videos content every week, there is clear value in exploring video as a media to share content, engage and collaborate with your audience. The question now is more around how to master the art of video for recruitment.

Our recent blog on the value of videos, demonstrated the benefits of video in recruitment, from driving greater candidate attraction and engagement, through to showcasing your company culture and delivering virtual video interviews. Video has the power to convert static content into a story, humanising an often passive process into one that is engaging, interactive and insightful.

At networx, we utilise video across our marketing channels, to promote vacancies, in social targeted advertising and to showcase brand personality and video in recruitment should be part of your ongoing hiring strategy. We sat down with Ryan Mulhern, Owner and video marketing expert from First Frame, to discuss how you can incorporate video content into your recruitment strategy.

Ryan’s Top 5 Tips

1. Assess where video will fit in your recruitment process and the purpose of the videos

It is important at the start of every project to reflect on the purpose, your goals and objectives for carrying out a task and video is no different. You need to know what you are hoping to achieve and as video can be utilised across the entire recruitment journey, you need to think about where each video will be utilised and what the aim or impact intended is.

Think about what your audience will want to see at that stage in the process. It could be that you want to showcase the company culture or give a greater flavour of the vacancy you are advertising. In some instances you may want to have a more corporate formal piece, but there is also room in the recruitment process for more relaxed video to highlight different team members, the flexibility or fun your company offers as part of the package. 

A few examples to get you started include:

  • Video job advertisements (especially when promoting across social platforms)
  • Career page videos to showcase your overall company culture
  • Onboarding portal videos, with an introduction to the relevant team for the role, an overview of the job description, a summary of the first week ahead of starting
2. Get creative and storyboard different content that will bring the different aspects of your recruitment to life

Video can help you to break down the technology barrier and connect with your candidate audience, but just like in marketing, the videos need to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged for the duration. In order to deliver succinct, punchy and impactful content, you need to plan.

Your videos need to be watchable, so include interesting supplementary footage, good quality audio and think about the aspects you want to showcase and those you might not want to at this stage in the process. You might also want to include a key takeaway message or call to action in your video, such as ‘apply now’ or ‘find out more here’. Creating a storyboard and mapping out how these videos compliment your recruitment process is key to an effective and efficient video strategy. You may even find by planning ahead you can reduce, reuse and recycle a lot of the material for different purposes.

3. Include the wider team and ensure you identify the right employees to drive the engagement or insight your need

More often than not, one of the most unique aspects of your organisation is your people. Your team creates the culture, lives and breathes your values and are the driving force behind your strategy. It is important that you include them in your recruitment videos to invite and engage prospective candidates in the journey.

Not everyone will want to be on video, but it is great to encourage team involvement. Your team can help bring your culture to life with real-life stories, career development examples and remove the corporate edge in a friendly and effective manner. By bringing in different personalities and roles you can cover content such as a ‘day in the life’ or ‘in our workplace’. Your team adds variety and personality, so don’t forget to get them involved.

4. Respect authenticity, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box

Nobody enjoys watching a sales pitch video or something overly scripted or fake. Your videos need to be an honest interpretation of your organisation, with clear value for the candidate. Reflecting on point number 2, having a plan in place will enable you to experiment with clear direction.

Including your team, as discussed in number 3 will further enable you to explore more creative and engaging video content. A lot of organisations feel that their recruitment videos need to be corporate, overly polished and formal, when the strongest and most impactful content is often more relaxed and friendly. Your videos need to resonate with your audience, so what would you expect them to enjoy watching? This is how you showcase your culture and often being quirky, thinking outside the box and being proud of your company personality resonates much better than a formal talking head style video.

5. Remember video is a skill and takes practice and planning to perfect execution

With the evolution of smartphone technology and the advent of editing applications, video is literally at everyone’s fingertips. However, although you can quickly upload a video in 5 minutes directly to LinkedIn, it is important to reflect on your content, the editing tools available and creating something engaging and thought provoking. Basically, don’t just wing it!

Working with someone like Ryan, using apps to look professional, providing training for key members of your team or enlisting a company such as First Frame, you can easily create impactful content that will enhance and really lift your competitor advantage in your recruitment process.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool to elevate your recruitment strategy when executed effectively and also a tool that can be managed successfully following the clear tips and tricks shared above. Whether you are looking to inspire your candidates, share your company culture and ethos or position your organisation as the employer of choice, there is great value in mastering video for recruitment.

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