networx are proud to be partnering with In-house Recruitment at their upcoming Recruitment Technology Virtual Conference on the 29th April 2021. As partners we look forward to sharing an insightful discussion on the recruitment revolution over the last 12 months and how the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for change in talent acquisition.

The In-House Recruitment virtual event is set to gather hundreds of in-house recruiters and industry professionals, connecting talent acquisition teams with a wealth of technology providers and case study sessions, to facilitate learning and peer-to-peer engagement.

Networx are joining to deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation on Responding to Recruitment Revolution. Over the last 12 months the pace of change has accelerated across all industries and the recruitment landscape has had to evolve. Many organisations have pioneered a move to virtual recruitment, with trends and performance efficiencies that look to be changing the way we recruit for good.

Darren Nuttal, Director and Product Owner at networx, will be leading this quick-fire presentation exploring how the landscape has evolved, how organisations are utilising technology to pioneer positive change and what the recruitment landscape of 2021 and beyond looks set to deliver. This insightful session will not only draw on digital transformation, virtual connectivity and experience accessibility, but will further explore Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, candidate expectations and acting on data and insight.

Darren Nuttall, Director and Product Owner comments, “We are excited to be sharing our experience and client insight with the IHR in-house recruiter and talent acquisition audience. With over 500 clients nationwide, we have supported a wide variety of changing business needs over the past 12 months and are collaborating with our clients and partners to adapt, evolve and innovate.”

Jessica Dodds, Head of Marketing at networx continues, “Technology continues to increase in importance in our day-to-day lives. This last year we have not only had to evolve, but we have been forced to revolutionise the way in which we all operate. Beyond digital transformation, we are supporting clients to further harness the power of intuitive technology to scale, automate and empower business growth.

We are pleased to be showcasing our view for the future of recruitment technology at the IHR Recruitment Technology Virtual Conference this April, which is set to be another fantastic, collaborative event with the wider talent community.”

The IHR Recruitment Technology Virtual Conference is a free to attend event for all In-House Recruiters, HR and Talent Acquisition experts. With over 300 registrants already signed up and 10 award-winning speakers, it is set to be a fantastic day for the recruitment industry.

For more information on registers for the event, visit the IHR Live website: 

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