Generation Z (those born between 1996 and 2010) will be responsible for driving the digital change and transformation of tomorrow.

Born into the internet era, Gen Z have always had technology at their fingertips. In fact in 2018 over 95%* of Generation Z were reported to have a smartphone and spent at least 5 hours a day online. Being connected 24/7, using technology to make smarter, more informed and more efficient decisions in not just an expectation but an integral part of everyday life. (*Source: 2018 State of Gen Z™ study)

So now that Gen Z are pioneering the future of business, how is technology transforming the recruitment process today and what can we expect for the future?

Whilst Gen Z weren’t privy to the time intensive print, phone and fax era of the 1980’s, even for them things have still undoubtedly moved on considerably since the 90’s when the Internet brought about the dawn of brand new web based recruitment tools such as job boards, CV Databases, LinkedIn, Email. 

Although all of these technologies continue to provide the main framework for recruitment, since 2010 technology has entered a new digital landscape with recruiters now mastering the art of engaging with candidates using mobile and social apps and exploring the possibilities of chatbots, VR and AI to deliver the best possible experience through digital transformation. 

Reflecting current requirements and expectations

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has undoubtedly acted as an accelerator for business transformation with organisations as a whole required to embrace the latest digital solutions to maintain business operations and where possible gain a competitive advantage.  

This overnight shift essentially forced a significant change in the recruitment efforts too as HR and in-house recruitment teams quickly adapted to working from home, whilst trying to continue to attract, manage, engage and onboard talent in a very different and unprecedented environment.

The transition of working completely online with team members, line managers and candidates created a brand new way of working and new processes such as video interviewing are now being considered as the way forward. 

The future of recruitment

Businesses are embracing digital transformation in recruitment because they must. 

Technology is moving at a considerable pace and whilst the majority of companies are simply trying to keep pace with the changes, there has been a significant increase in those looking to take the lead. 

By the end of 2020 it is predicted that there will be 25 billion objects connected to the internet and by 2030 the figure is expected to jump to 125 billion! (Source: Martech Advisor)

Every person will have around 15 connected devices compared to the current figure of just 6. This level of connectivity can only mean that customer demands increase and companies will need to leverage technology to respond accordingly. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  or Machine Intelligence as it is sometimes referred to, is already starting to change the recruitment landscape and will continue to evolve as organisations look at the technology available and how that can be utilised to help them attract and manage new hires in the most engaging and efficient way possible. 

Technologies such as Chat bots to manage job applications, automated posting to reach individuals with the skills you need, not just active job seekers, and machine led selection tools to remove potential bias are already being used by leading employers. 

Recruitment is changing and that change is driven by technology. If you’re ready to innovate your recruitment, get in touch today.

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