When baking a chocolate cake there are a series of steps you need to take, from collating and weighing ingredients, to preparing your equipment and following a recipe. It is a well-known fact that baking is not only creative, but a science and therefore to achieve great results you need to have a plan and execute it well. So what has this got to do with recruitment? Let us share our recipe for recruitment…

Believe it or not, there are a lot of similarities between baking the perfect chocolate cake and delivering the very best recruitment strategy. From fine ingredients, to the icing on the cake. Yet we often fail to prepare and struggle sticking to the plan, leaving us with half-baked results.

In celebration of National Chocolate Cake day, check out our recipe for recruitment with the following five top tips:

  1. Sourcing fine ingredients:

When baking a chocolate cake the quality of the cocoa really counts, so sourcing the very best is important. The same goes for sourcing great candidates. When recruiting you are looking for talent that will shape the direction of your business, fit in with the company culture and those who have the skills to do the job in hand. 

Using active and passive sourcing strategies, you will be able to reach the very best talent for your role. Check out our blog on tailoring your talent pool for more top tips.

  1. Selecting the right recipe:

Finding a recipe that fits the bill is crucial to baking the right cake for you, whether you are rustling up a chocolate gateau or a Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate fudge cake. The description of the cake explains what you should expect if you go ahead and bake, and this is similar to when you are advertising your role.

You want to secure the very best talent for your business, therefore the advertisement needs to be optimised to spark the interest of your target audience. A one size fits all approach will not work and you need to consider the job title, the language used in the advert and how this might inspire the very best talent to submit their application.

To help you get started in optimising your adverts, check out our latest blog.

  1. Preparing to bake: 

For every chocolate cake there is a clear plan on how to make it, which is why you need your recipe for recruitment. Taking time to plan is a crucial part of a winning recruitment strategy. This includes assessing your technology and making sure it is fit for purpose, reviewing your recruitment workflows to maximise automation for efficiencies and mapping out your internal user journey, so there is clear communication and an audit trail for stakeholder transparency. 

We all know the saying, fail to prepare, then prepare to fail? So would you really start baking a chocolate cake without a plan in hand? 

To help you in planning for 2021, check out our blog on honing your recruitment strategy.

  1. Following the instructions:

Baking a chocolate cake is a scientific balance of ingredients. It is a meticulously planned process and when followed correctly you will achieve a delicious outcome. So if you would not dream of steering away from the recipe book, why do people often find themselves doing so with their recruitment strategy?

If you have taken time to plan out your recruitment process, you need to ensure your internal stakeholders, from hiring managers to HR teams all understand how to execute the plan. A cake is a sum of various ingredients and similarly you need to combine all of them together to achieve a successful recruitment strategy.

  1. Designing the cherry on top:

Although we eat chocolate cake for the taste, we often eat with our eyes first and the better the external design, the more likely we are to want to eat it. With recruitment, your employer brand and the candidate journey are the icing on the cake and impact how your target audience perceives your business and whether they choose to apply for roles with you.

Designing a smooth candidate journey that enables an easy application through to the interview process, with clearly executed branding and demonstration of your company values will stand you in a strong position to peak the interest of the very best talent.

For some helpful hints and tips on how to strengthen your employer brand, check out our latest guide.

Join in with the celebration for National Chocolate Cake Day today by preparing your recipe for recruitment for 2021. If you need a hand with the whisking, get in touch with networx today.

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