Although some people don’t like to admit it, whether you are looking for a new job or a potential love match, the approach to finding your perfect match is very similar.

For those of us who are old enough to remember, long gone are the days when the likes of Rupert Holmes, sang about his advert in the newspaper to find someone who likes Pina Colada’s and getting caught in the rain or when job seekers had to purchase the local paper every Tuesday to see which companies were recruiting. 

Thankfully we are all now immersed in a virtual world where traditional boundaries and time restrictions have all but disappeared and a whole host of new opportunities have opened up as a result. 

In line with Valentine’s Day we’ve put together a handful of top tips to help individuals find their perfect match regardless of whether they are job seeking or dating.

  1. Maximise your Online presence 

Whether you are using Tinder, Facebook or LinkedIn, making sure your online profile is on point will ultimately determine if a potential partner swipes left or right or if a recruiter can identify you as a good or perfect match for their role. 

Ask your friends to set up and review your profiles to see what recommendations they could make and always ensure that you take out time to update them regularly to maximise your chances of being contacted by an interested recruiter or fellow tinder user! 

When it comes to online dating however, it is reported that between 50 – 80% of people are known to lie about themselves and their profiles. Whilst this may be the norm for online dating, you need to be much more careful if you intend to ‘bend the truth’ when you are looking for a new role. Over-selling your skills and experience may result in you looking for new job again sooner than you anticipated.   (

In the modern world, a good online profile is essential. Not only does it allow you to ‘promote’ yourself but also consider who is a potential good match for you. Just as a person reviews a person’s tinder profile before striking up a conversation, as a job seeker you will also be considering an employers brand before you apply for a role. How they present themselves will have an impact on your decision and the same can be said from those viewing your profile too! 

The only saving grace, is that future employers or future partners don’t have the ability to compare or review you like you can review them on platforms such as Glassdoor etc ! 

  1. Getting Ghosted 

You’ve been texting for a while, chatting daily and then all of a sudden nothing! They don’t respond to any of your calls or messages almost like they have vanished off the face of the planet. And it hurts! In fact according to an article in the NY TIMES  studies have shown that social rejection of any kind ‘activates the same pathways in the brain as physical pain, meaning there’s a biological link between rejection and pain’. 

Obviously when you are ghosted by a person, then it’s time to move on but for job seekers this seems to happen quite often. 

Unfortunately despite spending hours researching a company and completing an application for a role they truly believe they are perfect for, many job seekers are left feeling ‘ghosted’ by employers. 

The fact is that some companies still think it is acceptable not to respond to candidates on the basis that they have received too many applications. With the use of technology it literally takes a matter of seconds, but for the job seeker it means so much more. 

So if you are looking to join an innovative, forward thinking company but end up getting ghosted then the chances are that the technology is not in place and you might not be applying for such a progessive company after all. 

If the recruitment process doesn’t reflect how you would want to be treated as an employee, then you may also wish to move on to the next opportunity! 

  1. The First Date or The Interview 

Yes! With a burst of excitement you’ve just confirmed to meet someone for a first date or accepted an interview. Now it’s time to get yourself ready! Thankfully an interview and a first date can be prepared for in very similar ways.

As always first impressions count, so as the well known saying goes ‘dress to impress’. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be ‘suited and booted’ but simply dressed appropriately for the occasion.  Think about what you will be doing and what you will be expected to wear as what you would like to wear.

Nerves also need to be taken into consideration. Regardless of the situation meeting new people can be a nerve racking experience, especially if you have not actually had the opportunity to speak face to face previously. Doing some research and preparing a few questions will not only help to keep the conversation flowing but more importantly avoid any awkward silences. 

Simple things such as being on time will also help to ensure you deliver the best possible first impression, although undoubtedly there are slight differences in what is deemed as acceptable. For interviews it is suggested that you always arrive at least 5 minutes before your interview time, but this  takes into consideration that you will have a nice reception area for you to sit in whilst you wait to be collected. Being on time for a first date obviously doesn’t have the same degree of importance, but you don’t want to end up finding that your date has gone by the time you get there or end up waiting too long on your own and neither will they! 

Finding your perfect match, whether that be in your career or your social life isn’t necessarily going to be easy, but online job boards and dating platforms have opened up more opportunities than ever before. In fact there are reported to be over 1,400 relationship-finder sites in Britain alone and the vast array of job boards and aggregators provide instant access to millions of jobs everyday. 

So if you are looking to find a job this Valentine or hoping to find the love of your life, taking the right steps will undoubtedly help with both of these extremely important milestones!

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