Pancake Day has arrived! An anticipated day for millions of people around the world, who will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday with the traditional mountain of pancakes. The question is usually savoury or sweet for pancake day, but today we are exploring what the day marks, as the start of the Christian Festival of Lent and how instead of fasting, you could use this time to reflect, grow and learn.

The origin of Pancake Day stems from Christian’s eating their fill of fats, butter and eggs, which were forbidden during Lent. It represents the last chance for a final feast, before fasting on the run up to Easter. More commonly nowadays, we feast on delightful stacks of pancakes and choose a favourite sweet or savoury treat to go without for the 40 days leading up to Easter. Many of us find the structure and parameters easier to follow, knowing there is a clear end goal of Easter, but could we use this period to focus our efforts and energy into growing instead?

At networx, we are challenging our team to not give up something during Lent, but to embrace a new challenge or goal for the period leading up to Easter. This could be learning a new skill, such as video editing or committing to producing thought leadership each week for the next 40 days. The options are endless and with studies suggesting it takes 3weeks to learn a new habit, who knows where you could be in just 40 days.

As leaders in talent acquisition and HR, there are a number of ways in which you could look to embrace this challenge within your organisation, getting the team involved for a little positive competition or to spur one another on.

So why not take this pancake day as the start of something new?

A few suggestions to get you started, could include…

1. 40 days to review and appraise your employer brand

It is easy for everyday work and challenges to get in the way of reflecting on your brand and how it is positioned during the recruitment process. Why not take Lent as an opportunity to assess the performance of your corporate identity across the candidate experience and appraise how it is resonating with your target talent.

To help you get started, check out our guide to the power of a strong employer brand.

2. Explore one of the latest recruitment trends and how it might enable you to innovate your recruitment

Trends come and go, but it doesn’t mean there are not some great ones out there that could really benefit your organisation or shape the way you recruit over the next few months. This Lent, you could explore the benefits of building a talent pool or trial gamified recruitment techniques within your hiring process, to propel your talent acquisition further.

Our guide on 2021 recruitment trends may give you some food for thought.

3. Take stock of how your recruitment process is positively promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Talent acquisition plays a huge role in growing a diverse workforce and with lots of new tech functionality and process developments available, you could utilise the next 40 days to explore how you can improve on and continue to build an inclusive culture within your organisation.

There are some great benefits to increasing diversity within your team such as reduced employee turnover, improved company reputation, and widening your talent pool. Check out our top tips on how you can utilise Lent to pioneer your ED&I strategy.

Whatever your Pancake Day topping of choice, sweet or savoury, we hope your day marks the start of a new challenge, from Lent to Easter and beyond.

If you need a guide for your growth journey, get in touch with networx today.

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