The Home Office has announced that the temporary COVID-19 adjustments applied to conducting Right To Work (RTW) checks will come to an end on 20th June and as of the 21st June organisations must return to face to face physical document checks in line with legislation and guidance.

In order to support our clients to manage the RTW check process more effectively and efficiently, networx has partnered with the world’s leading global information services company, Experian, to integrate the validation process directly with the networx ATS.

The simple yet powerful integration allows networx users to request checks from within the networx software, use the Experian App to conduct the necessary checks and then view the results back in their ATS alongside the candidates details.

Clients who choose to use the Experian App alongside the networx ATS will also reap the following benefits:

  • Reduced Costs and Greater Efficiency – Introducing a clear process for all your right to work checks will reduce additional tradition expenditure and improve the efficiency of your processes.
  • Improved Document Clarity – The Experian App provides guidance as to which documents are required to ensure compliance for each potential new hire.
  • Automated Re-Check Alerts – For those without the permanent right to work in the UK, the App offers alerts 3 months in advance to ensure the necessary checks are completed in line with requirements.
  • Mitigates risk of a data breach – All checks are stored digitally alongside the candidate account as part of a paperless process. Access to the information stored can also be restricted by user levels or roles.
  • Realtime Reporting – the Experian dashboard provides key information and insights for all your Right To Work checks
  • Regular Updates – The App will be automatically updated to reflect the latest information and legislation providing complete peace of mind that check are being completed in a compliant manner.

Speaking about the integration with Experian, Product Director and Founder of networx Darren Nuttall stated:

” We are really excited to be launching our new integration with the Right To Works App provided by Experian. We know a lot of our clients will benefit from the integration and our ability to work with this leading provider. Our ability to link directly with the Right To Works APP is just the start of our ongoing partnership with Experian as we are also currently working on improving the direct integration with their suite of background checks to streamline this process for our clients too.”

This new integration, designed to help clients to move quickly and make any required adjustments come 21st June, is not only for those seeking to perform new validation checks but also for any organisation looking for complete peace of mind by conducting retrospective checks for those that took place during the Pandemic.

For more information about how the networx ATS integrates with the Experian Right to Work App and the benefits it can deliver to you and your organisation then please get in touch with the team today.

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