As the competition for talent remains fierce, adopting a multi-faceted attraction strategy could help you rethink the way you recruit and improve the success of your recruitment activity.

Firstly in this webinar we explore what we mean by a multi-faceted attraction strategy and look at the way you need to incorporate different platforms in order to reach and attract both passive and active job seekers.

Whilst many organisations we speak to, state they utilise multiple channels for their recruitment, the amount of investment often falls short to really capitalise on the amount of potential candidates your vacancies can be exposed to!

Everything from how you write your job adverts and sell your organisation as well as the role right through to your process and the time you take to identify and interview top talent can have an instrumental effect on the overall success of your recruitment.

Watch the webinar now to find out what tips and advice, our Head of Client Relations Richard Youngman shared at our recent attendance at the IHR Manchester Live and the real life examples he utilised to showcase the true power of a well orchestrated multi-faceted attraction strategy.

Top tip highlights include:

  • What is a multi-faceted attraction strategy?
  • The current candidate market and the competition for talent
  • The role that Social media plays for both passive and active job seekers
  • The most popular job boards used by active candidates
  • Why Social Media and PPC could be the key to securing top talent

If you are struggling to recruit hard to fill roles, need to reach more candidates or simply want to consider a more cost effective solution to traditional agencies then our team will be able to help.

For expert advice and support with your candidate attraction strategy, get in touch with the team today.

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