It may only be the second week in January, but networx are already celebrating after passing the annual ISO 27001 audit with no non conformities and one of the best ISMS Systems the auditor has seen. 

Networx has always invested heavily into ensuring that the software and services that they deliver are managed and controlled using the highest possible standards and make every effort to ensure that they can deliver complete peace of mind, when it comes to security, and since 2018 we have been ISO 27001 certified to demonstrate this.

The audit marks the 4th time that networx has been awarded the ISO 27001 certification with no non conformities which is spearheaded by networx’ Head of IT Dylan Kimber. 

Commenting on the infrastructure in place and the recent audit report Dylan said: 

“As a business dealing with large volumes of sensitive data, security has always been something we have taken seriously. For obvious reasons, this is also a top priority for our clients and any organisations looking to implement our recruitment software. 

We not only wanted to be able to prove that our software was as secure as we said it was but also ensure that our practises were the best they could be. It’s been a rigorous and extensive exercise to get the foundations in place but we are extremely proud that we can confidently say that we offer one the most robust and secure recruitment solutions in the UK.”

Dylan Kimber, Head of IT

What is ISO? 

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), is the world’s largest and most trusted developer of international standards. They determine world class specifications across almost every industry from technology to healthcare, and on products, services and systems to ensure the highest quality of efficiency and safety. 

What is ISO 27001? 

ISO 27001 is the international standard for quality in IT Security and IT Governance.

This standard outlines the protocol for information security management and addresses all manner of potential security risks. As well as testing hardware and software to ensure they have the latest defences to hackers, viruses and other threats, it also requires companies to look at processes to ensure that data is also physically protected for example, assessing where and how sensitive data is stored and who can potentially access this information. 

Why is it important? 

Our recruitment software is used to store and process personal and sensitive information on behalf of millions of candidates. In order to deliver our solutions, our team also has access to a wealth of both client and candidate data. Ensuring the security of this data is a top priority. 

As an ISO 27001 certified organisation not only do we have the right processes and policies in place to manage security risks efficiently but clients and candidates can be  confident that these processes and policies have been fully assessed and meet the high quality standards required to become certified. 

It also provides the best possible platform to review, maintain and improve our own business as well as the software and services we offer to our clients. 

For more information on our certification and to understand the processes we have in place to achieve this certification, please contact our team.

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