Move over millennials, Gen Z are entering the workforce and have new expectations when it comes to seeking the right employer for them. Ultimately Gen Z will change the way you recruit.

That’s right, Gen Z are not only keen to find the right job for them but the right employer for them too! 

Gen Z, ie those who were born between 1997 and 2012, are now between 9 and 24 years old and the eldest of this generation are now looking for work which reflects their characteristics. 

So what sets Gen Z apart and how will this need to be reflected in the way you recruit? 

These digital natives have always had a wealth of information at their fingertips and use this to make informed decisions. Using social media, speaking to peers and visiting review sites are all second nature to Gen Z  and they will take the time to explore and evaluate their options before they make a choice. 

Having witnessed the first black US president, two recessions, a wealth of political unrest and most recently the effects of a global pandemic, this generation is also extremely socially aware and favourable towards ethical and sustainable brands. 

So what should organisations be doing in order to attract this new pool of talent and how Gen Z will change the way you recruit?

Ensure you invest in the latest Technology 

New technology experiences is something to be embraced, not feared.

Since Gen Z have been exposed to technology from an early age, expectations are high and they have a low tolerance for slow or clunky software and online processes. 

Your application forms not only need to be as slick as possible, but also as simple and efficient too. Asking for too much information or expecting candidates to jump through hoops to just register their interest in the role could mean you lost applications from this talent pool. 

It is also important to remember that they are always keen to embrace new technology and your application process will influence how your organisation is perceived as a whole. 

Advertise on the correct social channels 

Whilst Facebook is the favoured platform for Millenials, Gen Z prefer Instagram. 

65% of Gen Z checks Instagram on a daily basis, while only 34% does the same on Facebook. 

However it’s not just about advertising your jobs on Instagram, but an appreciation that this generation enjoy consuming video content online. Demonstrating a tech-forward narrative and producing realistic, everyday life content will generally resonate better with this demographic than any content that is heavily stylized.

If you want to reach out to Gen z via Instagram then you need to engage in a strategy that is designed to achieve just that! 

Harness the power of a strong employer brand 

Your employer brand and overall reputation is important for all job seekers, it is considered to be more important to this generation of workers than any other. 

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 53% of people said they would completely rule out accepting a job offer from a company with a poor reputation, and Gen Z like to conduct thorough research on organisations there is literally no getting away with it. Sites such as Glassdoor provide access to any negative opinions from current and previous employees which they will utilise to make their decisions. 

You need to showcase why you are leaders in your field. 

Take a look at our latest blog to see how you could enhance your employer brand.

Ensure that Diversity is the Norm 

A rise in movements such as Black Lives Matter and outcry against racism in general have triggered a huge response from employers and a commitment to improving diversity and inclusion within the workplace. However, Gen Z have grown up in a world which is far more diverse than previous generations and they don’t just want to work with organisations who are looking to address the issues but actually demand equality and inclusion as the norm. 

Infact 76% of Gen Zers said they feel diversity and inclusion is an important topic for brands to address and want to see brands using more diverse models and imagery across their advertising and branding. 

This should be reflective across your careers page, job adverts and application process.

Gain support to help share content 

As Bill Gates said, ‘Content is King’ and when it comes to Gen Z they are not only interested in consuming content, but also creating and sharing content of their own or from others.

So if you have a few representatives of this generation in your current workforce, then talk to them and get them on side to help share your messages. Simply by asking them to share your content will not only allow you to tap into the right audience but by means of them sharing it, you also benefit from an increase in trust too. 

Remember that recruitment & retention go hand in hand 

Having a purpose at work is key for Gen Z and anyone without it will have no hesitation in changing jobs to get it! 

According to a survey conducted by Aurecon, ‘serving a purpose and leaving a positive legacy for future generations’ is one of the top priorities for Gen Z, closely followed by continual learning, training and development opportunities, flexible working and career progression. 

Therefore it is not only important to focus on these aspects when trying to attract new talent to your organisation but also ensure that there is a structured programme to support employees to grow within your organisation too. 

As Gen Z continue to enter the work force, organisations need to take the necessary steps to attract, engage and retain top talent from within this generation.  Its important to recognise that they are the most connected generation ever and well verse in making remote and virtual relationships Understanding how to leverage their use of social media, different means of communications and their commitment to make the world a better place for us all, will continue to shape the way organisations recruit.

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