As the autumnal nights draw in, a supernatural breeze sweeps across the UK as Halloween approaches to darken our doors once again. While the 9 to 5 zombies begin to loosen their ties and head out for seasonal treats, you may be tempted to hide away until first light, but there’s a lot of lessons to be learned from the scariest season.

From navigating the recruitment minefield and searching for scarce candidates, to outrunning competitors by providing the best treats, check out our top tips for handling All Hallows’ Eve.

Taking a shortcut is never a good idea

We have all seen the horror movies where a handy shortcut turns into the undoing of the actors and the same could be said for recruitment. What might seem like a great time saver or a way to cut a few corners in the present, will inevitably be costly longer term.

Though time might be of the essence if you’re being chased by a horde of zombies, having a clear plan will deliver the best outcomes. This includes reviewing your internal processes, the technology you have in place to manage vacancies with your wider team and how you liaise with hiring managers to execute from vacancy authorisation, through to shortlisting, interviews and onboarding.

Recruitment is a multifaceted process that presents numerous challenges along the route, but having a clear plan from the outset will help you to navigate the many scary obstacles on the way.

Make sure to outrun your competitors

No one wants to be the straggler at the back of a group, let alone on the scene of a scary horror movie, as we know they never make it to the safe house. Staying at the front of the pack is more than just survival in recruitment, it is how you attract and secure the very best talent to triumphantly power your team forward and out of this seasonal nightmare.

Top candidates are always quick off the mark and in a fierce battlefield for talent, you as an employer need to be out there positioning your strengths. Although having the best treats on the market, such as flexible working, generous holiday, competitive pay and employer benefits are important, you should consider other tricks such as showcasing your employer brand, utilising brand ambassadors to champion your work culture and offering treats that set you apart from the norm.

By being prepared and not taking shortcuts, you will be best placed to outrun your competitors with intuitive applications and a savvy, branded candidate experience too.

Don’t judge a monster by its mask

Halloween is an event full of hocus pocus hats and werewolf masks and it can be challenging to look beyond the façade to find the best talent. However, there are tools to support you in managing these challenges.

Implementing panel scoring and anonymised sifting can be a great way to judge candidates based on their skills and ability, taking the unconscious bias out of the equation. This enables the hiring team to look beyond the costume and progress candidates that have the ability to grow with your business.

Instead of ‘run and hide’, take great strides

As the saying goes, more haste and less speed. We have all seen how easy it is to get tripped up whilst running full pelt to get away from the monsters.

Although the recruitment market is scarce of candidates and it is a little like walking around an abandoned street of job adverts, when a great candidate comes in you need to be quick, but not in a hurry. Having a slick and intuitive process is a huge selling point for attracting more candidates, maximising integrations such as ATSi and you want to ensure in your preparation you plan to have good pace between processing and interviews to keep the candidate engaged, however it is important not to rush. We learnt the lesson earlier about taking shortcuts and not following the plan!

Having a well-oiled machine will propel candidates through the process at a healthy speed to ensure they remain interested, whilst giving you the necessary time internally to be thorough and make educated decisions on the candidates you need.

Face your frightful fears

As much as Halloween is about ghosts, ghouls and a brimming bowl full of sweets, it is also about facing your fears. And we don’t mean the stomach-churning likes of watching Saw and Blair Witch Project!

We are talking about embracing new technologies and candidate attraction strategies to empower your end-to-end recruitment process. From embracing scary social media advertising, to introducing video interviews and tackling your onboarding procedure; to be successful with your recruitment campaigns you need the full package to escape without a scratch and capture the very best talent in the process.

If you are ready to embrace the witching hour this Halloween, get in touch with our team today so we can show you the best way to navigate Halloween’s darkest hours.

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