networx haved secured an exclusive partnership to give clients access to Experian’s complete suite of employment vetting and background checks directly from the networx ATS

As the only UK recruitment solutions provider to be able to offer this level of integration and partnership with Experian, networx are uniquely positioned to support organisations who wish to conduct and manage right to work checks and/ or data, reference and criminal checks as a seamless part of the recruitment process when using the networx software. 

Whilst networx had previously worked in conjunction with Experian to facilitate the need to perform right to work checks, this new partnership will help to deliver the same efficiencies for organisations who require pre-employment checks to be completed prior to onboarding new hires. 

Working together, networx and Experian have developed a 2 way integration that not only helps speed up the process of inviting candidates and carrying out the necessary checks, but offers greater efficiencies in terms of being able to view the results back in the system too. 

Additional benefits of the partnership include: 

  • Adheres to the latest legislations  – as you’d expect by partnering with a leading provider such as Experian, clients can be sure that all checks that take place reflect to the very latest legislation and best practises.
  • Simple, user friendly interface  – the process is designed to be as quick and simple as possible to reduce training needs and support the ability for multiple users to conduct checks as required. 
  • Document clarity – what documents are required for each of the checks are clearly outlined at the start of the process. 
  • Re-check alerts – reminders are automatically sent to ensure that any checks can be conducted in a timely manner. Eg. for those who do not have the right to work in the UK permanently.
  • Paperless process – all documentation is uploaded and stored online removing any potential GDPR or security risks. 

Speaking on the recent partnership Head of Projects, Tom Ross from networx commented: ,

This is an extremely exciting partnership that we have agreed with Experian.Conducting checks as part of the recruitment process is a vital element of recruiting for most organisations so we are thrilled to be able to offer this unique integration to help streamline the process for our clients and collaborate with such a well known leader in this field. 

We understand that there are many providers who can potentially offer some of these checks, but our ability to integrate directly in this manner, and give clients access to Experian’s complete suite of employment vetting and background checks, makes a huge difference and many of our clients are already reaping the benefits.

We have established a great working relationship with the team at Experian and we are already talking about the next phase of development and collaborating further to enhance our software integration.”

Who are Experian? 

Experian is a market leader in the provision of information services to organisations and consumers that offer greater confidence and control to make more informed decisions. 

As part of their extensive portfolio, Experian offer a range of recruitment solutions, from background checking to reference verification and a dedicated platform to conduct right to work checks that meets the needs of the modern digital workforce.

Right to Work Checks 

In 2018, Experian looked to expand their recruitment solutions and created a new process for right to work check and dedicated App that adhered to the Home Office requirements for a right to work check. 

Click here to find out more about how networx integrate with the Experian Right To Work App 

Pre- Employment Checks 

Experian offer a wide range of background checking services varying from identity checks, to criminal record checks and educational history checks. 

The background checks provide a detailed history and understanding of an individual’s background, including their identity, education, employment history, adverse financial history and any relevant criminal record information.

For a full list of checks available via the networx partnership please click here

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