Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I recruitment) has been a topical challenge for HR and recruitment teams for many years, but with the recent changes in the working world due to the pandemic, growing a diverse workforce has become even more prevalent.

Employers need to embrace difference and pioneer a working culture of value-driven inclusivity to bring out the best employees. A report found that the most diverse and inclusive companies are more likely to outperform the less diverse in terms of profitability and surveys suggest that inclusive organisations are 96% more likely to be resilient through change.

Growing greater diversity in your workforce relies heavily on your recruitment practices. From the way you champion D&I in your recruitment marketing and candidate attraction techniques, through to how you process and onboard your candidates.

View the webinar at IHR Manchester Live as Richard Youngman, Head of Client Relations at networx, explores how you can build a bulletproof ED&I recruitment process to drive greater inclusivity across your organisation.

Top tip highlights include:

  • How you can craft a tailored EDI strategy
  • The different technologies available, including anonymised sifting and CV redaction
  • How you can utilise your employer brand to showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Opportunities for creative campaigns, supercharged through social targeting
  • How utilising technology can support you in delivering a discrimination free recruitment process
  • The role of recruitment reports in ED&I recruitment
  • How training can transform the internal experience and supercharge knowledge

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