Creating the greatest candidate experience is key for ensuring you attract top talent, by ensuring every touch point a candidate experiences in the recruitment process is positive.

Recruitment is a two-way street; not only are you finding a candidate that fits your job role but they are seeking a job role which meets or exceeds their own requirements and values. Whether you choose to hire a candidate or not, the experience you give contributes to the overall reputation of your company.

Check out our 5 top tips for delivering the best experience to your candidates.

Write clear and concise job descriptions

Crafting a captivating job description is essential to attracting top talent and delivering the best candidate experience. The job description is your chance to connect with a potential candidate where first impressions count.
It is important to only promise perks and benefits that can be implemented and that are an honest reflection of what you offer as a business.

Example of a poorly-written job description:

Do you know what marketing is? We are looking for a marketing wizard who can help advertise our company to lots of different people. You will get good pay and good benefits. We only hire good candidates, so we are not looking to just fill positions. You must have good communication skills.

Here’s a clearer and more concise job description:

We are looking for a marketing assistant to support implementation of the marketing strategy, coordinate social media and provide administrative assistance.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Once candidates have applied for your job role, send personalised communication at the earliest opportunity to inform that you have received their application. Keep them informed at every stage of the recruitment process and let them know when they can expect to hear back from you. Tailored communications are vital to delivering a good candidate experience.

PRO TIP: It is crucial to outline your interview process early. What steps are in the process and how long will each take? Did you let the candidate know when to expect to hear from you? Is there someone candidates can contact with any questions?

Apply for the role yourself

Once you have accepted a candidate to join your company, you can expect them to work hard at the job, so try not to make them work really hard applying for your role; make it simple. Apply for the role yourself and check how easy the application is, taking note of the time it took to fill out. Did you apply on a mobile device? Over 60% of applicants will use a mobile device so it needs to be optimised to enable this to be a positive experience across all devices. Would you be willing to provide streams of information for an initial application? Job seekers can easily be put off by applications that are too long.

Don’t ghost unsuccessful candidates

It can be the quickest way out, leaving a candidate hanging after an interview – why contact a candidate that is not moving onto the next stage? Candidates talk! Recruiters often find they receive less applications in the future, when continually ghosting unsuccessful candidates. Job seekers typically find the recruitment process stressful, especially enduring the anticipation of waiting to find if they were successful. Even though the recruitment process is over for them do not leave them in the lurch and inform them of your decision.
PRO TIP: Keep in touch with unsuccessful candidates; it doesn’t have to be the last hurdle even though the recruitment process is over. It might have been the wrong role for the candidate at that time and a future role could be more suitable.

Ask candidates for feedback

Enabling candidates to voice their opinions regarding their candidate experience not only shows them you care about their thoughts and feelings, but also helps refine the recruitment process for the future. Candidates should be given the opportunity to inform you of any questions you asked through the process they found to be unclear or outdated.

A perfect role does not mean a candidate will accept a job offer at your company… you have to offer a fantastic candidate experience.

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