This week, networx have launched a new CV Redaction Module.

Working with Daxtra, who currently parse over 100 million CVs and resumes a month, networx has developed and launched a brand new CV Redaction Module to help further support organisations looking to promote ED&I.

The technology which provides organisations with the ability to anonymise elements of information from a CV that may influence and effect unconscious bias by the shortlister, is an optional module that works alongside the Applicant Scoring and Panel Based selection functionality already available with the networx ATS.

At a time when in-house recruitment teams are struggling to secure top talent, the CV Redaction Module (or anonymisation module) will also allow organisations who currently use long application forms to implement a much quicker application process that will help improve response rates.

Clients will be able to provide candidates with a speedy means of applying for roles, whilst still maintaining the ability to control what information is available to shortlisters.

Using the power of machine learning, clients can automatically remove key information from CV’s such as Names, DOB, Education and Dates as well as removing formatting such as bold, colour and images.

The CV will then be presented to members of the scoring/panel team with the prescribed information removed and presented alongside an anonymised application form to ensure users only have the information relevant for the purpose of short listing.

In line with the flexibility offered within the networx ATS, clients can choose to have CV redaction switched on for all roles as standard or can be controlled on a per vacancy basis as the vacancy is published.

If your organisation is looking to mitigate unconscious bias in your recruitment process and would like to explore the benefits of a shorter application with CV to increase candidate applications then please get in touch with our team.

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