As one of the core subsidiaries of MHI Group, Mitsubishi Power Europe offers cutting-edge technologies and energy solutions for the power industry, supporting affordable and reliable power supplies in regions throughout the world. Operating internationally and with strengths spanning technology, comprehensive engineering and after-sales servicing, Mitsubishi Power strives to respond to the evolving needs of customers and society in the consumption of power.


Mitsubishi Power Europe started working with networx 9 years ago to transform their paper and excel based processes to a more streamlined and efficient online procedure. Partnering with networx, their recruitment workflow has evolved alongside the business growth with efficiencies initially covering 8 roles per annum, rising to over 50 per year including EMEA in 2020 and beyond.


Implementing a modular system enabled Mitsubishi Power Europe to work at their own pace and receive the recruitment support they need, as and when they need it during their growth. As a centralised function, the networx ATS enabled the growing HR and recruitment team to have a strong foundation with all processes, documentation and reporting transparency in one place, to manage adverts through to application, interviews and onboarding.

Over the years the use of the ATS modules has increased. Implementing the vacancy authorisation module using automation ensures quick and efficient approval to getting vacancies live and modules such as video interviewing, have enabled Mitsubishi Power Europe to grow their graduate recruitment in a structured manner, improving the administrative efficiency for processing large volumes of applications. 

One of the critical modules for Mitsubishi Power Europe was the introduction of the agency module. As a heavy agency user, the organisation was seeking a solution to avoid duplications and to support the agency allocation of adverts. The implementation of the module greatly improved their internal processing, however it was the overall introduction of the networx Network that transformed the Mitsubishi Power Europe recruitment strategy. Utilisation of the networx Network dramatically reduced the requirement for agency use, lowering spend and increasing the profile of their employer brand, raising the standard of quality applicants. Reflecting on the last 6 months, agency savings equated to over £50k, which easily demonstrates the impact and importance of a well designed and intuitive applicant tracking system.

Client comment

“Working in partnership with networx has made my life a lot easier and more efficient. Over the last 9 years, we have worked closely with networx, through two rebrands and various new modules and developments to build a system that works for us at Mitsubishi Power Europe.

networx provides comprehensive support and collaboration in true partnership, delivering prompt, solutions focused options to enhance and further strengthen our recruitment processes. Not only has networx saved us time and improved the experience for both the internal team and the candidates, but they have further saved a great deal on agency fees too.”

Kate Spink, Senior Recruiter and HR Officer

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