Irwell Valley Homes is a housing association, providing affordable homes and services to over 16,000 people across Greater Manchester and employing over 280 colleagues. They are a charitable, registered provider of social homes and offer homes mainly for social rent, with a small number for affordable rent, market rent and shared ownership.  They also provide homes with support for people with dementia, mental health issues, learning and physical disabilities, those who have been made homeless and people affected by domestic abuse.


Irwell Valley Homes partnered with networx in 2015 to transform their recruitment into a highly efficient, digital process with clear transparency for all key stakeholders. Flexibility and insight were two key drivers for Irwell Valley Homes, with multiple users across the business requiring data to track and improve recruitment performance.


During the partnership, it became clear that there was a knowledge gap within the business. Working with networx, greater training and support was introduced to reinforce the powerful and highly adaptable tools available within the system, to address the day-to-day challenges facing the team. This exercise acted as a catalyst to propel the Irwell Valley Homes recruitment process into being a highly flexible, efficient and cost effective recruitment process.

With an easy-to-use, intuitive system, Irwell Valley Homes has been able to simplify and streamline their entire recruitment process. Starting with the implementation of the Authorisation Module, the team has a clear, transparent chain with an audit trail delivering complete peace of mind of where all vacancies are in the process. Their latest brand refresh on the onboarding process in 2020 then completes the process, with an engaging onboarding site delivering videos, iconography and company insight whilst reflecting the corporate company identity.

Partnering cross functionally within the team has been paramount to the successful implementation of the networx ATS software within the business. With buy-in from hiring managers and the marketing and communications team, the process for updating and agreeing sign-off has been smooth and together we have managed to bring the Irwell Valley Homes brand to life throughout the recruitment experience, both internally and externally with great feedback.

During the 2020 global pandemic, Irwell ValleyHomes heavily utilised the available integrations and digital offering to continue to recruit efficiently whilst online. Hiring over 80 people during the period, the Microsoft Teams integration proved invaluable with supportive insight and training from the Implementations team. Regardless of the challenges over the last few months, Irwell Valley Homes have innovated their recruitment process and are continuing at speed to ensure a great candidate and internal employee experience when securing top talent to join their team.

Client Comment

“Collaborating with networx is a true partnership. Not only has implementing the system dramatically reduced costs and improved operational efficiencies, but it is also about the experience. With a super helpful team taking ownership of the projects and delivery, and the insight and advice provided by the team to promote internal learning, we are empowered to grow with confidence. 

The latest design developments have transformed the look and feel, creating a really slick, flexible design that captures our brand identity and our reports are linked directly to key KPIs so we can demonstrate the value on a departmental level, as well as company-wide. There is a lot of value across the board with flexibility and functionality with networx and we look forward to the next few months of collaboration to see what further innovations they will bring.”

Angela Bird, HR Business Partner

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