Established in 2004, ClickThrough Marketing is a digital marketing agency, working with leading brands and ambitious companies internationally to grow their businesses online.


Back in 2019, ClickThrough Marketing were seeking a solution to streamline their recruitment efforts, removing traditional paper-based practise in favour of intuitive software that was GDPR compliant and allowed for the centralisation of candidate applications.

Whilst centralising internal processes and empowering Line Managers with their internal recruitment efforts, they also wanted a platform that could support their worldwide growth and manage their expanding pool of local marketers in international territories.


With a flexible, modular platform, networx offered an ideal solution for ClickThrough Marketing, including additional features and functionality to support their unique recruitment requirements.

From the get-go, ClickThrough Marketing has managed to easily integrate with networx due to the intuitive design of the platform. Line Managers across the organisation have been able to engage with the new system and processes with minimal additional training and support, as the platform is well-structured and consistent throughout. With bespoke configuration, ClickThrough Marketing were able to further adapt the system to match their needs, so the workflow feels extremely personalised to the business.

Gearing for growth and operating in the digital performance space, it was important for ClickThrough Marketing to be able to monitor and report on traffic source and origin and to be able to easily assess where the volume and interest was coming from. With networx, ClickThrough Marketing can simply track URLs and report with detailed insight into each vacancy, supporting future recruitment decisions.

As a values-driven organisation, ClickThrough Marketing were also keen to ensure the brand and candidate experience was reflective of their vision, culture and values. With a clear process and detailed application forms, not only are ClickThrough Marketing able to obtain a consistent feed of candidate data, but the experience is seamless, professional and relevant to each individual job through the use of application questions.

Since partnering with networx in 2019, ClickThrough Marketing have moved all recruitment activity onto the platform. The latest addition included their international marketer talent pool. Together with the Head of International, the aim of this project was to utilise the networx platform to create a centralised place for all business talent, upscale recruitment of in-market specialists and scale rapidly in an organised and methodical way. Not only has this greatly supported an increase in global applications, but the flexible application forms have further dramatically reduced the screening process. In tandem with candidate and country folders and flags, ClickThrough Marketing can manage volume interest and utilise boolean searches to source in-market specialists from their growing talent pool, within seconds.

Client Comment

“As a growth-orientated business, we are continually evaluating how we can better-optimise processes to better serve both our clients and the business as a whole. Since partnering with networx we have seen a significant improvement in how recruitment is managed across the organisation. Users across the organisation have found the platform to be intuitive, with clear, structured workflows. We are now obtaining consistent candidate data and candidates are receiving an experience which is reflective of our brand, treating each application with respect.

We have seen an increase in the volume of applications, but most importantly the quality of applicants has grown too. Multiple roles from PA to finance have seen an increase in applications from high- calibre candidates. I would highly recommend networx to any business that wants to make their recruitment process a strategic advantage.” Debbie Bissell, Head of Operations and HR, ClickThrough Marketing

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