Cafcass stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. Formed in 2001, they are the largest employer of qualified social workers in England and represent children in family court cases in England. 


Having relied on the recruitment module of their HR system for a number of years, faced with a growing recruitment challenge Cafcass were keen to implement a dedicated applicant tracking system that would help improve the candidate experience, streamline their recruitment process and provide a centralised hub for their small recruitment team to manage recruitment efficiently across the organisation.

Furthermore, whilst the organisation had a strong reputation for being modern and technology-oriented, the team also wanted an ATS that reflected this and helped deliver an effective candidate experience at each stage of the recruitment journey.  


With a focus on speeding up the recruitment process, implementing the right tools and maximising the efficiency of the recruitment team, Cafcass first started working with the networx software in 2016 to help innovate their recruitment. This led to a full implementation in 2017. 

Using the technology to help speed up the process for both candidates applying and the team managing applications helped deliver significant and widespread benefits. 

Creating new role specific application forms not only helped to reduce the time candidates were required to spend applying for a role but also helped contribute to an increase in the number of applications received for typically difficult to fill roles. 

By creating a centralised platform for all relevant parties to access key information online also helped eliminate paper heavy processes and the need to share candidate information via email. Key new functionality such as candidate self selection interviews alone save the recruitment team valuable time by removing the need to contact each candidate to book and rearrange interviews as the need arises. 

As an organisation committed to Equality Diversity and Inclusion, the online candidate scoring tools implemented as part of their solution also proved to help promote greater efficiency and allow for better use of the recruitment teams time. 

Client comment

“Having worked with networx for two very different organisations, I have first hand experience of how the technology can support the diverse recruitment needs of any organisation. The introduction of the networx software at Cafcass allowed us to take a big step forward in our recruitment efficiencies and has ensured we have the tools we need to centralise our wider efforts to secure quality candidates to join the team here at Cafcass.”

Ian Turley, Cafcass HR Resourcing Partner 

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