What are the most popular ATS integrations and what should you be considering as part as your short and long term strategy? 

With so many integrations to choose from it can be difficult to select the right technology for your organisation, especially when you are balancing the immediate and future needs of your business. It can be a daunting and sometimes impossible exercise. 

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the future can be unpredictable and whilst technology can be developed and adapted fairly quickly, an ATS must also have the flexibility to accommodate the latest technologies and support the needs of your business regardless of the challenges being faced. 

Flexibility it key. 

The ability to take your core ATS solution and add the functionality you need, when you need it will ensure that your technology can grow with you and your business. 

Here’s just some of the most popular ATS integrations to consider:

  1. Vacancy Authorisation 

Acquiring the necessary approval to recruit, often kicks start most recruitment processes but still many organisations manage this outside of their ATS resulting in inevitable bottle necks and limited audit trails.

By introducing the functionality to manage this entirely online will help streamline the process for all parties and ensure that processes are followed by all parties. 

In addition, by managing the process from within your ATS further facilitates the next stage in the process with the ability to automatically extract the authorised information through to vacancy creation which eradicates the potential for error via manual input. 

  1. Multi-Posting 

Regardless of how sophisticated your ATS is, you simply cannot fill vacancies without candidates. In addition to publishing your vacancies to your corporate careers page and social media platforms, multi posting integrations will allow you to post your jobs with hundreds of job boards with minimal effort.

The true efficiency of multi posting however is not just about the ability to post your adverts across multiple channels, but also the ability to accurately report on the efficiency of your chosen platforms from applications received, candidate’s shortlisted / interviewed, candidates offered, and candidates hired.

  1. Job Board ATSi 

Taking the multi posting tools one stop further is ATSi. This integration focuses on streamlining the application process as much as physically possible for candidates applying for your roles via certain job sites. 

The ATSi Apply integration simply helps reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to apply for your vacancies advertised on certain job boards. 

Any information the candidate has in their job board profile, including their CV, will be automatically added to your ATS, removing the need for them to manually input information again as part of your application form. An ATSi integration can increase your application rates by up to 80%. 

  1. Agency Manager 

Integrating with a specific agency manager module allows you not only to notify agencies of your requirements, but also manage your PSL and monitor the performance of each agency too. 

A dedicated portal for consultants will allow them to view and accept briefs and submit applications on behalf of candidates in line with GDPR compliance and in a time and date stamped manner that eliminates any discrepancies in terms of candidate ownership. 

  1. Recorded Video Interviews

Whilst most ATS software solutions have integrated the ability to conduct interviews via Skype or Zoom, having the ability to use recorded video interviews gives line managers, HR teams  and candidates complete control. 

Hiring Managers can give every candidate an equal opportunity to showcase themselves by giving them a series of questions to answer within a structured time frame from the comfort of their own home or preferred location and at a time most suited to them. 

Once received, the candidates answers are stored within the system alongside the candidates original application details and can be shared and viewed by all relevant parties as often as required. 

  1. Right To Work Checks 

Integrating your ATS with such an essential part of the recruitment process, just makes sense! 

Although there have been repeated delays in enforcing the return to in person right to work checks, it wont be long before organisations look to realign their processes and look to achieve greater efficiency. 

A correctly conducted right to work check safeguards employers from the potential penalties associated with employing a person illegally. Integration with leading providers such as Experian helps ensure that checks are always completed in line with the latest legislation and creates an audit trail that is easily accessible should it every be required without the need for any manual input. 

  1. Online Testing Providers

From improving productivity to increasing employee retention, there are clear drivers why many organisations turn to online testing providers to help maximise the chances of recruiting the right people.

Integration can obviously come in many forms, but with true integration with your chosen online testing providers will ensure that the process of inviting candidates to complete an assessment and viewing the results on submission can all be conducted directly from within your ATS. 

  1. Onboarding 

After expending all that hard work to attract and recruit the perfect candidate, the last thing you want to do is lose them to a competitor or for them to choose not to start with your organisation. Having a seamless and smooth onboarding process is imperative to making new hires feel part of your team even before their first day and improve every new employees confidence and commitment to their new role. 

Personalisation is key to setting the right tone and making every new hire feel like a truly valued member of the team, but in order to do this you need to effectively integrate with a dedicated portal or solution that extracts key information and allows you to engage with new hires in a professional and efficient manner. 

  1. Electronic Signatures 

Time is money and all that jazz! If you are still sending out paper contracts in the post for your new hires to sign then integration with an electronic signatures platform which help you save significant time and resource for every vacancy you manage. 

The simple process of viewing and signing documents securely online within just a matter of minutes is beneficial to both parties and widely becoming expected as part of your recruitment process. 

  1. HR System Integrations 

Just how the vacancy authorisation process is a critical integration to kick start your recruitment process, the ability to integrate with a HR System is vital to complete the full recruitment cycle and transform an offered candidate into a new employee.

The quick and seamless transfer of key information such as personal information, salary and start dates, next of kin details and information collated via the supplemental forms can all be seamlessly and automatically transferred to your HR system. 

The speed of digital transformation means that ATS integrations are continuously evolving. ATS providers need to be able to offer the flexibility required to reflect these developments. 

In all honesty a comprehensive ATS should be able to support your business regardless of any changes in process, new functionality or increase in candidate expectations and support the recruitment needs of your business for many years.

The top 10 most popular ATS integrations will continue to change and your ATS needs to support that! 

For more support with integrations and an applicant tracking system to streamline your recruitment, get in touch today.

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