It is widely recognised that the only constant in technology is change and it is no different for your recruitment system.

The rapid advancements in technology and software we use everyday has led us to expect more and more from the products we use both in our personal and business roles.

However, unlike in our personal lives where we are free to make the decision personally, often in a business environment these decisions have a much greater impact, involve longer implementation and are led by senior stakeholders who potentially are not daily users of the technology. 

Without the right knowledge and understanding, decisions often fail to take flexibility, functionality and ongoing support into account.

As HR Professionals or in-house recruiters will know, such decisions can have a significant impact on the overall success of your recruitment initiatives. 

Here are 5 key reasons why your organisation needs a stand alone recruitment solution: 

  1. Best of Breed – Built to deliver results 

More often than not, a bolt on will only provide limited functionality and the basic tools that you need to process candidate applications you receive. In contrast an ATS ( applicant tracking system) can offer so much more. With a wealth of modules and functionality to choose from you can introduce the tools you need to support every single aspect of the recruitment process, from vacancy authorisation, through to advertising, reporting and onboarding.  

As a team you need to consider what is important to you as a business and how your technology will help you achieve your objectives. 

Do you simply want a basic solution that allows you to manage candidates from A to B or are you looking for the tools to help you attract top talent, improve your candidate experience, implement key processes or drive down recruitment costs? 

Is cost a driving factor or do you require something that offers maximum security, performance or efficiency? 

Having a standalone recruitment platform built for your recruitment needs, is likely to provide greater results, as it will be aligned to your specific recruitment. 

  1. Flexibility & Adaptability 

As recruitment is not the sole purpose of a HR system, the ability to configure this element of the system to reflect your specific processes can also be restrictive. 

Whilst the overall objectives of organisations remain similar, the processes they adopt and the methods they use to achieve them will differ greatly. Flexibility is therefore key when it comes to implementing the right technology for your organisation.

For example some HR bolt on recruitment modules do not support branded advert templates, role specific applications or the ability to integrate with online testing providers.

This in turn impacts your ability to promote your employer brand, make more informed selection decisions and ensure smooth and secure processing of personal or sensitive data. 

  1. Security & Compliance 

When dealing with large volumes of applications, you and your team have access to a wealth of personal information and as a controller and processor, you are obliged by GDPR law to ensure that this data is stored securely and processed in accordance with your Privacy statements. 

Can a HR system bolt on offer the same level of security and compliance as a stand alone solution? 

In addition, to key functionality that allows you to control what users can see and what actions they can perform. Many stand alone solutions have invested heavily to introduce  new features designed purely to address the legal processing and storage of candidates.

These include: 

Privacy Statements  – The ability to upload / edit your own privacy statement as required 

Vacancy Statements – The ability to change your statement depending on the vacancy and processes involved 

Candidate Updates – The ability for candidate’s to view when they agreed to your statement, asked to reconfirm should your privacy statements change and automatically sent reminders when their accounts are due to expire 

Data Purge Settings -The ability to automatically remove data from your database after the time frame outlined in your privacy statement 

SARs Request Tools – The ability to automatically collate all information held on a candidate and send it to them.

  1. Dedicated Expert Support

With the use of technology comes the need to support it. Whilst a HR system provider may be able to support you with some aspects of recruitment, a dedicated provider can offer an extra level of recruitment support, with experienced in-house recruitment expertise.

As recruitment specialists, understanding how it works first hand, a standalone provider can deliver tailored support and advice for your specific needs. Best practise and efficiency are both driven by knowledge, something an ATS provider should have in abundance and be keen to share with you. 

  1. Continuous Improvement 

Technology moves very quickly and arguably one of the worst situations for recruiters to find themselves in is having out of date, clunky software that is no longer fit for purpose.

Whilst HR System bolt ons will of course undergo regular updates and improvements, the roadmap will need to cover every element of the HR system, with some areas taking precedence over others. With an ATS provider, you can be sure that every development and every update will be to support and enhance your ability to recruit.

Keeping abreast of trends and new demands should be a determining factor when it comes to choosing a stand alone recruitment system or a HR recruitment bolt-on.  As a result of the 2020 pandemic, in house recruitment teams were faced with an overnight shift to working remotely from home and the need to conduct key processes such as interviews and onboarding entirely online.

The need to adapt to changing circumstances and recruitment processes is critical for a fast-paced in-house recruitment team. Working with a standalone provider, you can guarantee support for your recruitment needs, when times like these arise.

Ultimately, the decision to choose the right software for your organisation should reflect the level of recruitment you execute and the level of importance that you place on recruiting as a whole. 

If you are serious about recruitment, are managing volume or looking to improve your candidate experience, you need a solution that can truly help you achieve your objectives and a stand alone system is a must.

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